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About DewRay

DewRay Products, Inc. is a company focused on unique ways of "getting the message" about specific companies out to their clients. Our patent calendar has been largely successful for over 20 years and continues to provide a solution to some specific customers in or related to this field. Our staff is helpful and bases our success on listening to our customers' needs and providing to them a valuable solution to their needs. The patent calendar is focused on being used by inventors, engineers, scientists and related professionals, which outlines history and facts within the U.S. Patent system. This unique calendar displays some of the fascinating ideas from the genius of past and present and how they influence our future. The quality of this calendar and the content in it will make your clients and associates keep this nearby or proudly displayed.

Not only will they keep it up all year because of its interesting contents, but also they'll have you and your firm or company name (possibly with color and logos at an extra charge) as reference in the center cutout of the calendar. We have satisfied thousands of customers over more than the last 20 years who continue to ask for and look forward to giving this calendar to their clients to promote their business.

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DewRay Products, Inc.
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